Anneliesa and Wes decided on a little elopement.  The second this girl emailed me I loved her.  Kindred spirits.  She’s an expert in textile design and also just super fashionable.  This dress is an Alexander McQueen.  Those flowers are insane.  She had the misfortune of having planned her wedding right around the time Estes got torn apart by the floods.  The lovely hotel they got ready in, Della Terra Chateau, had no running water—-yay?!?!  The ceremony had to be done at this man’s private residence which was an unexpected curveball, also it snowed.  So curveballs all over the place.  The awesome part about it was that it was one of those rare and amazing sunshine snows, it really made the photos unique and interesting! Continue Reading →



Ann and Mike came to me to have me shoot their casual wedding this May.  About two weeks before their scheduled engagement shoot I got this email along the lines of, “we don’t want to do it!  We saw other engagement photos and we don’t feel like it’s ‘us’!”  It was kind of funny, there are so many different types of engagement shoots out there and everyone is into a different thing.  This no-frills couple was not too interested in carrying a custom quilt through the forest with their names on it and a sign that declares their love to each other.  No problem!  I assured them that every couple is different and we can do whatever it is that seems natural to them.  This particular shoot turned out to be a little challenging because it was FREEZING and windy, and nothing ruins a shoot like wind!  We still got it done and had a good time doing it. Continue Reading →



Melissa and Montie were one of those couples that got thrown together at a wedding.  As in “hey, you guys don’t know each other, neither of you are dancing, so dance together.”  So basically the one thing you wish your parent’s wouldn’t do, totally embarrassing.  After begrudgingly dancing a dance together, they realized there was a spark.  The rest is history.  So…I guess the lesson learned is sometimes you should be grateful for parental intrusions?  They are a beautiful couple and they are going to have very, very blond children one day. Continue Reading →



It’s no secret that I love animals more than anything else in the world.  In the past year I’ve had the opportunity to work with several more than are currently living in my portfolio, I thought a Sunday might be a good day for us to all look at cute faces.  Awwwwwwww…… Continue Reading →



You know, not everybody has to be engaged to want a couples portraiture shoot!  Erin and Marshall are just a couple of beautiful people and friends of mine that wanted some romantic pictures of the two of them.  I decided it would be cool to do it in my neck of the woods.  When people say they want an urban shoot they usually mean downtown or in the Highlands, but I decided my own neighborhood had some cool things to offer.  I love my neighborhood big time.  I’ve been here five years and I never want to leave it!   Continue Reading →



I met this couple about a year back and they are SO lovely.  Dan is an executive chef and Kristin works in event management, so I was beyond excited to be invited to their destination wedding in which we would all be staying in the same house and eating fabulous food by Dan for a week!  I knew Kristin must have something fantastic up her sleeve.  We stayed in Puerto Aventuras, a short ride from Playa del Carmen and Tulum in the gorgeous Yucatan Peninsula.  This little strip of paradise is formally referred to as “Riviera Maya,” and you can actually kayak not-so-far down the beach and see ancient Mayan lighthouses-too cool! This was my first time to Mexico and I was pretty amazed by it.  Everyone is SO NICE and food and activities are so cheap, we had so much fun!  Everyone else got homesick by the end of it, but I was thinking of ways to just move my animals down there with me and set up shop.  Full time vacation.  Full time Caribbean wedding photography. Continue Reading →

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